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Servant of the Most High

If you are new to Almine’s teachings my suggestion is to start with her present courses and most recent books. The truth is in the Present. You will understand what you need to understand. Then if you have free time you can dig in her older stuff for the joy of it and for the inspiration. You will also there understand what you need to.
The older video of Almine is for me like watching an old photo album of my first love.
The Infinite gives you only the Power or Abilities that you are worthy of and pure enough to receive. Nobody needs an Intermediate. The Infinite is within and you can ask in you heart to be aligned with the Intention of Thee. The Pristine Humanity and the Gods can only be Servant of the Most High. Everything else becomes unreal. And must I repeat and quote my Beloved Almine : You create your Reality.- Diane Lapierre